PSA: You Don’t Need Two Copies Of A Way Out To Play With A Friend

04 May of 2018 by

Prison-break game A Way Out launches today, and it aims to give players an interesting cooperative experience. The co-op aspect of the game is so important that you can’t even choose to play it solo–you either need a friend or to be matchmade into a session with a stranger. But A Way Out makes this particularly easy, as you only need one copy of the game for online co-op with a friend.

EA announced this functionality a while ago, and recently director Josef Fares explained how it works in a (somewhat explicit) video, embedded below, if you own the game, you can invite anyone to play with you–regardless of whether or not they own the game, too. When a friend accepts your invite, they’ll be prompted to download and install the game, after which they’ll be able to play through the entirety of A Way Out with you.

The version that the friend downloads is the free trial, so they won’t be able to keep playing without you. However, it’s pretty awesome that EA is enabling this, especially since A Way Out focuses so much on cooperative play.

The game is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. To learn more, check out GameSpot’s 6/10 review of A Way Out here and our review roundup here. In addition, you can watch 100 minutes of A Way Out gameplay here.

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