In Japan, patrol drones will be expelled from the offices of incorrigible workaholics

07 January of 2018 by


The Japanese construction company Taisei and the manufacturer of the Blue Innovations drones have teamed up to develop the T-FREND UAV. This is an autonomous flying drone, intended for use only inside office buildings. He patrols the territory at the end of the working day and identifies those who violate the regime – workaholics suicides and industrial spies.

The term “karosi” means a purely Japanese phenomenon – death from overwork at work. In 2017, 25% of all Japanese companies asked employees for 80 hours of overtime per month, but even more often the workers go for processing themselves. And they die from fatigue and stress. To reduce the death rate among the staff, in the literal sense of driving people out of the office home, into the building and launch the patrol drones T-FREND.

Drones move through the territory of offices without GPS, they move along standard routes, observing the schedule of the working day. The car is equipped with an acoustic system that broadcasts the melody “Hotaru no Hikari”, a traditional Japanese signal for the end of school hours, closing stores, etc. An ordinary employee can not disconnect the drone or hide from it – it is assumed that the staff will develop a habit at the sight of a music guard to finish work and get home.

In addition to the speakers on board the machine there are CCTV cameras and pass scanners. And if one of the employees finds themselves where they should not be, the security service will be able to identify it more easily. Similarly, the security of premises is partially simplified, because the robot is not tired and works all night long. Plus, unlike the guardian, the drone is not afraid of that very overtime work.



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